Gambling laws are often a convoluted mess of regulations and amendments. Staying-in-the-know is a time-consuming task that requires diligence. To help keep your South American gambling knowledge fresh, visit these resources below.

Gambling Compliance is first and foremost a group of legal consultants for gambling venue operators, but their website is full of informational nuggets. They constantly keep their website updated with the latest news and trends concerning gambling policies around the world. To see specific information on South America just visit the Latin America sector of their website. This section of the site covers recent news, tax reports, and total gaming revenues. For more information click here:

For those interested in the minute details of gambling laws, the website of International Comparative Legal Guides is an invaluable resource. This website breaks down each facet of a country’s gambling laws, including license application procedures, restrictions, enforcement, reforms, and more. To find out more about a country’s laws please click here: